Wylde Bliss Full Collection

Wylde Bliss Full Collection

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This collection of powerful, divine-smelling essential oil blends will hold your hand through all of life’s seasons.

Crafted by aromatherapy wizard, Chloe Taylor, the brains behind our ingenious oil huggy, these blends are the culmination of several years of testing, to unearth the most effective natural aids for whatever comes your way.

Synthetic is a dirty word

We’ve sourced the finest pure essential oils and carrier oils to deliver unadulterated plant power in every bottle. This is a filler-free zone, my friend!


As essential as your besties, wine and chocolate, this bunch of heavenly helpers will see you through good times and bad. Roll on, feel strong and vibe high.


There’s an oil blend in here for all of your wild one’s mishaps and adventures. Calm the farm, soothe owies and ward off illness, all with the purest essential oils going 'round. Wylde Tyga oils are custom blended at the safest dilution for your cub, based on their age.



  • Soul D'Lite - Calming Blend 10ml Roller
  • Happy Head - Headache Blend 10mlRoller
  • Love Nirvana - Self love Blend 10ml Roller
  • Sleep Utopia - Sleep Blend 10ml Roller
  • High Health - Immune Blend 10ml Roller
  • Fierce Defender - Kids Immune Blend 10ml Roller
  • Growl & Rumble - Kids Tummy Blend 10ml Roller
  • Fangs Grow - Baby Teething Blend 10ml Roller
  • Sleepy Cub - Kids Sleep Blend 10ml Roller 
  • Raw Roar - Kids Cough Blend 10ml Roller 
  • Grow Big Kid - Kids Grow Pain Blend 10ml Roller
  • Clumsy Cub - Kids Owie Blend 10ml Roller