Mother’s Day Gift Box
Mother’s Day Gift Box

Mother’s Day Gift Box

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Mama, you know I love you – but I love me, too!

Our Mother’s Day bundle is bursting with enough self-care goodness to carry you through the sh*t fits, midnight wakeup calls, fussy eating and stone-cold sass.

Treat yourself, or passively aggressively email this page link to your other half.

And, because you were once a hair-raising scallywag, don’t forget to grab one for your mum, to repent for the worry lines that arrived all too soon.

Featuring our Soul D’Lite Bath Soak, Love Nirvana Perfume Roller, Sleep Utopia Eye Huggy and Rose Quartz + Lava Stone Diffuser bracelet, this all-natural, all-vegan line-up has the prescription to restore your sanity.

Take one Soul D’Lite salt bath, as needed

When the cherubs *finally* nod off, don’t settle in for another series binge that’ll keep you up ‘til 1am.

Run a luxurious bath, complete with Soul D’Lite Bath Soak, and dissolve your stress in a trove of calming minerals and fragrant botanicals.

You’ll go from sweary sister to basically Buddha, in one soak.

Salts from the Dead Sea and Himalayan pink salt absorb toxins, for softer, brighter skin, while magnesium exiles dryness and mellows you out – body, mind and soul.

Organic rose petals and our dedicated calming oil blend, Soul D’lite, will soothe and delight your senses, delivering a burst of exotic, grounding florals.

Huff essential oils, constantly

You know how hectic things get when the diffuser stops.

Our stunning Rose Quartz Lava Stone Diffuser Bracelet will carry your favourite oil blend with you, wherever you go.

Rose quartz, the heart chakra healing wonder, will fill you with infinite love and gratitude for those little scamps, even as they masterfully fray your last nerve.

Our pure Love Nirvana Essential Oil Roller is the perfect natural perfume to boost your mood and give you goddess vibes, even when you’re sporting a messy bun and spit-up stains.

Hawaiian sandalwood, ylang ylang, vanilla bean and labdanum bring the honey; cinnamon and cocoa dial up the heat and rose and tangerine lend a burst of freshness.

Catch zeds at every opportunity

You finally get to bed after a long day of raising little humans, and you’re so overstimulated, you can’t sleep. That just won’t do!

Our Sleep Utopia Eye Huggy applies gentle pressure and blocks surrounding light to stimulate melatonin, lulling you to sleep, naturally.

Scented with Sleep Utopia, our pure essential oil blend, you’ll drift away on a bouquet of earthy florals: starring lavender, for its zed-making magic, and anxiety-busters, vetiver and bergamot. 

Lovingly handcrafted from cosy cotton and linseed fill, it features a removable outer cover for easy washing.


Standard Box contains:

  • 1x Sleep Utopia Eye Huggy (pillow) in our exclusive Mother Child cotton fabric 
  • 1x 200g Bag of Soul D'Lite Soothing Botanical Bath Soak 
  • 1x 10ml Love Nirvana roller blend
  • 1x Rose Quartz Lava Stone diffuser bracelet

$88 (Total Value over $110) includes Free Shipping within Australia



Deluxe Box contains:

  • 1x Sleep Utopia Eye Huggy (pillow) in our exclusive Mother Child cotton fabric
  • 1x Oil Huggy Mini in our exclusive Mother Child cotton fabric
  • 1x 200g Bag of Soul D'Lite Soothing Botanical Bath Soak 
  • 1x 10ml Love Nirvana roller blend
  • 1x 10ml Sleep Utopia roller blend
  • 1x 10ml High Health roller blend
  • 1x 10ml Happy Head roller blend
  • 1x Rose Quartz Lava Stone diffuser bracelet

$155 (Total Value over $208)  includes Free Shipping within Australia