About Taylor Made Bliss

So, did you know my name is actually Chloe, not Taylor?. Taylor is my married name and it allows me to tailor (get it?) my products to you in hope they bring you bliss (aka joy!). That’s how Taylor Made Bliss was conceived. 💗
Taylor Made Bliss is owned and operated by me. I’m a creative and passionate mama of 3 kids under 6, living on Queensland’s beautiful Gold Coast, and I love just about everything to do with craft. I especially love creating unique and beautifully handmade essential oil accessories for my community of oil lovin’ friends.
After the birth of my third child, I switched gears from weekends spent teaching loungerooms full of women about the power of essential oils to sneaking down to the sewing room after the kids go to bed to enjoy the solitude and just relax behind the hum of my sewing machine. In these moments, my thoughts are uninterrupted and my creative expression runs free.
One morning while chatting with my 5 year old daughter- somewhere between making her lunch, dressing her baby brother, and my third load of washing- she casually asked me “Mummy, how come you don’t work? You know, like, other than being a mum”.
. . .
It made me realise that while I loved being a Mum I also wanted to create something beautiful for ME that would make my kids proud and that would teach them of giving and thinking bigger. It was time to take my hobby online, build myself a website, and turn this baby into a business.
I love everything to do with this community and essential oils. This business is my 4th baby and I’m so proud that it’s growing organically through you – my beautiful customers.
This might sounds weird, but hear me out-
Where you put your oils matters.
You’ve just invested all this money on powerful plant magic that you know is going to rock you and your family’s physical and mental health. Don’t do them (or you) the injustice of throwing them in a drawer in the bathroom or spilling them messily all over your bedside table/the bottom of your handbag (don’t worry, we’re all guilty of this one!)
I just want you to know, I see you.
We both know how hard you work by looking after everyone else and putting your needs last.
An Oil Huggy isn’t a splurge, it’s somewhere beautiful to store your oils. 
You deserve it.