AKA Bliss Bundle
AKA Bliss Bundle
AKA Bliss Bundle
AKA Bliss Bundle
AKA Bliss Bundle
AKA Bliss Bundle

AKA Bliss Bundle

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Four blissfully handcrafted essential oil blends in their very own sustainable Wildflower Wunderland Oil Huggy®️mini. 

SLEEP UTOPIA ~ AKA the Husband

Gone are the days of tossing restlessly while cursing old mate, who’s snoring in peaceful oblivion. Let Sleep Utopia lull you into the kind of blissful slumber usually reserved for your other half.

Dreamy lavender is famous for its zed-making magic, while bergamot and vetiver help to alleviate stress and anxiety. Vetiver may also enhance sleep quality, by improving your breath patterns during sleep.

Smells like: Lush lavender fields; earthy, intoxicating florals

Feels like: Blissful nothingness - you won’t be awake long enough to feel anything!

Glide Sleep Utopia over the pulse points on your neck and wrists, and along the soles of clean feet, as well as down your spine. Do this once or twice in the lead up to bedtime.

SOUL D’LITE ~ AKA the Buddhist Monk ✌🏻

Bench your shouty alter ego and get your Zen on with this soothing yet energising blend of orange, cedarwood, Hawaiian sandalwood and ylang ylang.

Your swear jar will pine for the familiar clink of change, but you’ll stay cooler than a frozen margarita.

Smells like: Summer vacay - zingy, peppery, sweet.

Feels like: Yoga oms in tropical paradise; instant whoosah.

Roll Soul D’lite liberally over pulse points on neck and wrists, and across your heart chakra, whenever you feel the swearies looming.


Mellow lavender, uplifting bergamot, earthy frankincense and bewitching sandalwood are the stars of this self-lovefest.

Sandalwood, ylang ylang, and vanilla bean bring the honey; cinnamon and cocoa dial up the heat; rose and tangerine lend a burst of freshness.

Smells like: the musk lollies from your childhood, with a grownup twist.

Feels like: Powerful, sensual, grounded. Goddamn, I’m sexy!

Roll liberally over pulse points on neck and wrists and across your heart chakra, at least 3 times day, or whenever you need those Aphrodite vibes.

✨ HIGH HEALTH AKA the Wellness Warrior

High Health is a triple threat, offering proven anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and decongestant properties, to help ward off illness and reduce the severity of colds and flu.

Our fierce line-up of vibrant citrus, powerful herbs and warming spices will keep your immune system firing year-round.

Frankincense, tea tree, lemon, oregano, orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary are your bug-busting badarses.

Smells like: Orange spiced chai – zesty, spicy, subtly sweet

Feels like: A vitamin C shot for the soul

Roll High Health along the spine, the soles of your feet and your neck area, with emphasis on the glands, at least three times a day. Up the ante when you feel a lurgy looming, or while unwell.  

All Bliss Collection oil blends are crafted from the highest-grade pure essential oils, in a moisturising base of coconut oil and vitamin E. Nothing more; nothing less.

Then, your ZERO PLASTIC sustainable Oil Huggy®️holds closed with 2 brass press studs to keep your 4 blissful essential oil blends hugged together, saving them from rolling around the bottom of your bag; meaning fast access at all times! 

Our handmade Oil Huggy’s are made from natural materials with an emphasis on low-waste production and features a removable bamboo/cotton padded insert with 4 pre-stitched pockets to HUG 4x10ml roller bottles.

This exclusive pack includes 

  • 10ml Sleep Utopia roller 
  • 10ml Soul D’Lite roller
  • 10ml Love Nirvana roller
  • 10ml High Health roller
  • 1x Wildflower Wunderland Oil Huggy mini
  • Express postage within Australia 


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