Little One Pack
Little One Pack
Little One Pack
Little One Pack
Little One Pack

Little One Pack

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We’ve got your little one covered! ✨

Teething, Tummy, Sleep, and Coughs! All in their very own Boho Rainbow Oil Huggy mini. 

RRP $118 down to $99 plus that qualifies for FREE SHIPPING 🥳

Fangs Grow- When new fangs fight through, the whole fam feels their wrath. Fangs Grow will temper the toothy terror in your tyga tribe.
This mellowing blend is the perfect panacea for grumpy gums, combining sleepy lavender, soothing Siberian fir and the analgesic effects of frankincense.

Sleepy Cub- As much as we adore the waking hours with our wildlings, it’s easier to feel like we’re nailing this parenting gig when they’re sleeping sweetly.
Lavender, cedarwood, vetiver and juniper berry forge a powerful blend of sleepy-time sorcery that will send your cub directly to Snoozeville. Do not pass your parents’ patience barometer! Do not collect a third bedtime story!

Raw Roar- The goober-grubbing gang in Raw Roar will bust up the bugs causing your cub’s cough and soothe angry airways.
We’ve paired the meanest microbe munchers – eucalyptus, tea tree, lemon, lime, ravensara and cardamom – with cooling peppermint and anti-inflammatory ravintsara, to soothe hoarse airways; antispasmodic cedarwood, to relax the chest muscles and expectorant laurel, to banish phlegm.
Tea tree leaves have been used by Indigenous Australians for generations to relieve coughs, while peppermint has been shown to relax the bronchial muscles and cardamom aromatherapy has been shown to improve oxygen flow to the lungs.

Growl & Rumble- When painful tummies gurgle and grumble and your restless cub needs relief, glide on Growl & Rumble in a clockwise motion and behold its minty magic.
Pure essential oils of spearmint and fennel help to relieve nausea, wind pain and indigestion, helping your little love to rest easy.
Spearmint has been shown to inhibit muscle contractions in the digestive tract and reduce the incidence of nausea and vomiting, while fennel has been shown to relieve colic.

All Wylde Tyga oil blends are crafted from the highest-grade certified pure essential oils, in a moisturising base of coconut oil and vitamin E. Nothing more; nothing less.

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