Sleep Utopia
Sleep Utopia
Sleep Utopia
Sleep Utopia

Sleep Utopia

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Sleep Blend - aka Bliss Collection

AKA the Husband

Gone are the days of tossing restlessly while cursing old mate, who’s snoring in peaceful oblivion. Let Sleep Utopia lull you into the kind of blissful slumber usually reserved for your other half.

Dreamy lavender is famous for its zed-making magic, while bergamot and vetiver help to alleviate stress and anxiety. Vetiver may also enhance sleep quality, by improving your breath patterns during sleep.


Smells like: Lush lavender fields; earthy, intoxicating florals

Feels like: Blissful nothingness - you won’t be awake long enough to feel anything! 

Glide Sleep Utopia over the pulse points on your neck and wrists, and along the soles of clean feet, as well as down your spine. Do this once or twice in the lead up to bedtime.

You may wish to pop the roller ball and add a few drops of Sleep Utopia to the tub for a calming nightly ritual.

For optimal results, avoid LED lighting for two hours before bed, including phone, tablet and television screens.  

All Bliss Collection oil blends are crafted from the highest-grade certified pure essential oils, in a moisturising base of fractionated coconut oil and vitamin E. Nothing more; nothing less.

Our essential oils are stringently evaluated for purity by a third-party laboratory, to ensure that you receive unadulterated plant power in every bottle.


Because of our oils’ potency, we recommend that you patch test on a small area before regular use. Discontinue use if skin irritation develops.

Our oil blends are not intended to treat any medical conditions – please see your healthcare provider if you display ongoing symptoms of concern to you.